ed + deanna templeton | huntington beach, ca

skateboard legend ed templeton and his wife, photographer deanna templeton, were kind enough to invite us into their unassuming suburban oasis for what might be the most lo-key, livable, art-filled home and studio, ever.  the templetons may be skateboardings’ reluctant reigning king and queen, but upon meeting the humble couple, you’d never guess.  skateboard legend-turned contemporary art and photography icon, ed, grew up in huntington beach– where he still resides today.  together since their teens, ed and deanna share a collective love for the arts, photography and skateboarding- and their home reflects the same lo-key sensibility.  every piece on the templeton’s walls tells a meaningful story, and every binder in their storage office (my favorite of which, was entitled “nudes”) tells an equally epic adventure.  as we head to the garage, stacks of toy machine decks (ed’s skateboard company) share space with his signature emerica shoes (his footwear sponsor); while dozens of canvases in various stages of completion, ready for his next solo exhibition.  also situated in the garage is the templeton’s darkroom, housing the critical pieces for developing their uniquely signature photography.  as we leave the templeton’s and head for the door, ed heads to the coat closet.  he quickly emerges and sheepishly hands us a copy of his incredible coffee table book, “ed templeton: the cemetery of reason” of which we’re obviously thrilled.  deanna gazes at him with pride, and gives us a warm hug.  it’s clear she’s his biggest fan, and he of her as well.

many thanks to the templeton’s for opening the beautiful home.  thanks to the always inspiring kirk dianda for arranging, and amber b dianda for her beyond incredible lens-work in documenting this wonderful home.

photography via amber b dianda


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