meet amber | shelterblack photographer | minimalist to the max

we’re so proud to introduce amber b. dianda, the ridic-talented lenswoman behind the amazing interiors photos you see here on the right column at SHELTERBLACK!  in addition to having a remarkable eye for intriguing spaces and dynamic people, amber is truly one of the most humble creatives i’ve ever met; warm, funny, genuine and talented beyond words.

a native of australia’s gold coast, amber now resides in southern california.  while the laid-back lifestyle in LA may mirror that of her homeland, it’s her global circle of creative aussie friends (and equally talented husband, kirk) that inspire amber the most.

for more about amber, visit her here!

here’s what amber is loving right now-

1. Tristan Ceddia, Melbourne, Australia
Graphic designer and creative director
2. James Mataitis Bailey
Creative Director of The World
3. Imogene Barron – Los Angeles, USA
Stylist and Creative Director
4. Kath Blunden - London, UK
Boss Lady and Bitchy Girl Designer
5. Mark Drew - Tokyo, Japan
Graphic Designer and Documentary Photographer
6. Michael Crawly – Gold Coast, Australia
Designer and Owner
7. Johanna Cranitch – NYC, USA
Song Bird

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