lisa solberg | los angeles, ca

artist lisa solberg is everything you’d never assume.  her tousled blonde locks may read more huntington beach than downtown LA, but make no mistake…things aren’t what you’d seem.

blazing the trail for the burgeoning art scene in DTLA, this former competitive gymnast, turned champion sponsored free-skiier, turned respected fine artist garnered a BFA from the university of colorado at boulder, before landing in her adopted hometown of los angeles a few years back.  now, if you’re just processing that last sentence, you’re not alone.  lisa’s energy is infectious; her accomplishments mind-blowing relative to her young years.  with respected showings around the world and a CV that would make any collector blush, lisa solberg is a force to be reckoned with.  the trappings of creativity surround not only her aura, but also her live-work loft;  pinatas, animal masks, and car dealer flags dangle from the ceiling, while tables are neatly littered with paint brushes, coffee mugs and studded dinosaurs.  a raised sleeping quarters is home to an enviable rolling rack of skinny jeans and distressed boots, natural prerequisites for any downtown girl, redefining the convention that “nobody walks in LA.”

words by valerie killeen.

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interiors photography by AMBER B DIANDA

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  1. MoniqueLeQuai99

    ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. This loft is my dream

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