black keys

you know those enduring images from magazines, that are just permanently ingrained in your memory?  well, this house from domino is exactly that for me.

rewind to about 8 years ago, i was wandering my fave local mall, fashion island in newport beach.  this woman, also shopping, had the cutest style and was rocking this great scarf; creme with allover pink camels.  i was fixated on the scarf, and complemented her on the same…she said she was visiting from rhode island, and she sold the scarf in her store back home- she handed me her card, and i promptly proceeded home to cyber stalk her store, nonchalant mom.  what i discovered was an emporium of darling contemporary kids clothing and accessories for mom.  and the scarf.

rewind to a few years ago, poolside in palm springs with my then-currnet domino magazine, when i was struck by this really outstanding contemporary oasis-  founded by carina schott; boutique owner of nonchalant mom.  equal parts contemporary, livable and the modern, with a striking black and red exterior and enviable outdoor living spaces- this space truly exemplifies, nonchalant mom.

images via domino

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