kimmy mcatee and nathan bell | los angeles, ca

kimmy mcatee and nathan bell are the kind of uber cool people you just wanna know.

as the savvy former vp of partnerships and communications for the keep a breast foundation (the non-profit purveyors of those catchy “i love boobies” bracelets), kimmy helps the breast cancer awareness foundation partner with talented artists, organizations and professional athletes to help spread the word about their important initiative.  when not at work, kimmy’s enviable, curated eye for vintage apparel, accessories and furniture has helped her snag a ‘lignet roset’ facett sofa from a san diego second hand store, for an i-dont-even-wanna-talk-about-it good price.

as a fine artist, art director, DJ and beard-grooming entrepreneur (true story)- nathan bell can’t be easily classified – in the best way possible.  together with his business partner, skateboarder gareth stehr, the duo have launched a boutique beard grooming product offering called…wait for it… beard buddy.  additionally, when not at work at Beard Buddy, or as the former art director at the keep a breast foundation, nathan decamps to his studio space a few blocks away, where he creates original works for his eponymous fine art collection, available via see line gallery.

together, with their pugs chloe and henry, kimmy and nathan have brought their respective aesthetics to this inspiring blank canvas of a downtown space.  vintage lockers house important papers and zines, while an enviable gallery wall showcases a mesmerizing art collection many years in the making.  an inviting wood swing floats from the rafters, while custom case pieces by their furniture designer friend, sven barth, dot the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bar.  the result is an inspiring creative haven for these two angelinos.

many thanks to kimmy and nathan for hosting us!

images via the one and only, ridiculously talented, Amber B. Dianda

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